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Chatbots in Travel: How to Build a Bot that Travelers Will L

Chatbot for Travel Industry Benefits & Examples

travel chatbots

Before making a final decision about travel plans, users may have questions about travel insurance, travel requirements and restrictions, estimated road tolls, etc. Chatbots can answer FAQs, and handle these inquiries without needing a live agent to be involved. Expedia’s chatbot is available 24 hours a day to help customers answer their questions and will quickly connect them to a live agent in the event that their question goes unanswered. Customers can cancel their bookings through the chatbot app and find out the status of their refund. Without a chatbot, your company is handling all booking-related tasks manually, which takes up a lot of time.

The automated nature of chatbots minimizes human error in bookings and customer interactions. This precision enhances the reliability of your service, leading to greater customer trust and fewer resources spent on correcting mistakes. By automating routine tasks and inquiries, chatbots free up human staff to focus on more complex and revenue-generating activities. Thus, you can optimize your workforce, and the need for a large customer service team can be reduced. Whether it’s a late-night query about a hotel in Rome or an early-morning flight change, these virtual assistants are always on, ensuring no customer is left without support, irrespective of time zones or geography. Imagine your consumers receiving personalized recommendations in real time, interacting effortlessly across multiple platforms, and seamlessly navigating language barriers.

Our AI-powered chatbots can help your business provide fast, 24/7 support to answer questions without agent intervention. Chatbots can also collect key customer information upfront, freeing your agents to tackle complex issues. Additionally, Zendesk includes live chat and self-service options, all within a unified Agent Workspace. This allows your team to deliver omnichannel customer service without jumping between apps or dashboards. In summary, travel chatbots enable 24/7 customer service, operational efficiency and personalized engagement for global travel brands across use cases.

With Engati, users can set up a chatbot that allows travelers to book flights, hotels, and tours without human intervention. Travel chatbots can help businesses in the travel industry meet this expectation, and consumers are ready for it. Our research found that 73 percent expect more interactions with artificial intelligence (AI) in their daily lives and believe it will improve customer service quality.

For example, Expedia offers a Facebook messenger chatbot to enable users to browse hotels around the world and check availability during specific periods. With the MyTrip.AI Assistants & Tools, and VoyagePort’s Digital Marketing Agency services, you will superpower your travel marketing, sales, website content, and bookings. Get started for free with our AI Writing Tools trained to optimize your travel business and 10x the traveler experience.

Faced with the challenge of addressing over 40,000 daily travel queries, sought to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. They adopted’s dynamic AI agent, Travis, to transform their customer experience. In a global industry like travel, language barriers can be significant obstacles.

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IVenture Card’s adoption of Engati revolutionized their support operations, ensuring travellers receive prompt assistance and enhancing overall satisfaction. Their partnership solidifies iVenture Card’s position as a leader in the travel industry. Answer user queries extensively using Engati’s eSenseGPT integration and the data available on your website or in your documents. You can input your data into eSenseGPT by sharing a link to your website or Google Doc, or by uploading a PDF document.

Airports also use chatbots to share baggage claim, check-in and gate information helping travelers navigate terminals and make connections. Conversations are a friendly way to seamlessly collect customer reviews and feedback to surveys. After completing a reservation or a service, the chatbot can ask the users some questions about their experience such as, “From 1-10, how satisfied are you with this travel agency’s services? Simplify travel planning with personalized recommendations from a user-friendly travel chatbot, making your journey hassle-free. Provide us with chat histories an sales conversations to maintain your company voice and style of interacting with your customers.

This application ensures travelers have access to immediate assistance whenever they need it. Through a travel chatbot, it becomes easier for travel companies to upsell or cross-sell from one offering to another. This proves to be an effective way to cross-sell and bring them back for repeat business through new deals and offers sent via SMS or Facebook Messenger updates. Zendesk’s AI-powered chatbots provide fast, 24/7 support and handle customer inquiries without requiring an agent. These chatbots are pre-trained on billions of data points, allowing them to understand customer intent, sentiment, and language. They gather essential customer information upfront, allowing agents to address more complex issues.

Collecting feedback is a great way to ensure you’re meeting customer needs. You can program your chatbot to ask for customer feedback, such as a review or rating, at the end of an interaction. This allows businesses to gain valuable insights into what they’re doing well and where they can improve. Support teams can configure their chatbots using a drag-and-drop builder and set them up to interact with customers on the company’s website, Messenger, and Telegram. Providing support in your customers’ native languages can help improve their experience, as 71 percent believe it’s “very” or “extremely” important that companies offer support in their native language. When unable to fully address complex customer issues, smart chatbots automatically transfer the conversation to a live agent along with relevant context and history. stands as a beacon of innovation in the travel chatbot landscape. Building a travel chatbot with is not just about automation; it’s about crafting a digital travel companion that resonates with your brand’s unique voice and customer needs. Chatbots and conversational AI are often used synonymously—but they shouldn’t be. Understand the differences before determining which technology is best for your customer service experience. Freshchat is live chat software that features email, voice, and AI chatbot support.

Unlike other travel companies’ chatbots, we’ve created an AI-powered engine of authentic experiences to make the trip-planning process much more manageable. This ensures that the prospects fill in all the details without getting bored or switching to some other tab.Also, many chatbots use AI to adapt and respond instantly to any of the prospect’s responses. This helps in better data collection and creates a way better customer experience as compared to “book a demo” forms. The entire itinerary can be fixed – all through the chatbot, facilitating end-to-end customer support. Chatbots streamline the booking process by quickly filtering through options and presenting the most relevant choices to customers.

How to Use AI for Itinerary Planning

And 55% are unlikely to return to businesses after poor digital interactions. Travelers, in particular, value flawless experiences, with 57% willing to pay 5-25% more for it. Failing to meet these expectations can result in a loss of customer loyalty, making efficient customer service crucial. Alongside this, AI’s personalized recommendations delve deep into user’s past behaviors and preferences.

MyTrip.AI Assistants understand your business, your products, your customers, and how to improve the traveler experience with real-time responsiveness. Chatbots can help customers manage their reservations by selecting their seats, checking in online, altering check-in dates, and more. They can book extra products, such as more luggage, or upgrade their seats, streamlining the process for customers. By choosing Engati, you can leverage its comprehensive features, personalized interactions, and user-friendly platform to enhance your travel business and set yourself apart in the industry.

Offering a tour of Stromboli to visitors to Sicily could help them not miss a famous point of interest close to the islands. The reliability of a chatbot is directly linked to its ability to provide the correct response within a conversation. “I love how helpful their sales teams were throughout the process. The sales team understood our challenge Chat PG and proposed a custom-fit solution to us.” Head to the Deployment section to deploy your bot on 12+ channels or even choose to integrate between CRMs, Ticketing and Payment tools also the JSON API or Zapier that lets hundreds of more integrations possible. Just like us, every bot is different and has its own way of working and organizing.

Unlike human support agents, these chatbots work tirelessly, providing customers with assistance whenever needed. This constant availability is crucial in the unpredictable world of travel, where unexpected challenges or queries can sometimes arise. Now that you know how travel chatbots can keep your travelers on track, it’s time to take off. With Zendesk, you can implement travel chatbots with a few clicks and no coding, lowering your TCO and TTV.

You can foun additiona information about ai customer service and artificial intelligence and NLP. Finally, Zendesk works out of the box, enabling you to provide AI-enriched customer service without needing to hire an army of developers. This lowers your total cost of ownership (TCO) and speeds up your time to value (TTV). Companies should identify high value, high frequency use cases with clear ROI rather than trying to make chatbots a catch-all for every customer inquiry.

  • Customers are more likely to complete a booking when they see a reservation that is relevant to them.
  • Support teams can configure their chatbots using a drag-and-drop builder and set them up to interact with customers on the company’s website, Messenger, and Telegram.
  • They can also recommend and provide coupons for restaurants or cafes which the travel agency has deals with.
  • Personalized travel chatbots can automate upselling and cross-selling, leading to increased sales through proactive messages, relevant offers, and customized suggestions based on previous interactions.
  • The bot’s QR ticketing service provides a seamless payment experience right from the WhatsApp interface.
  • During peak travel seasons or promotional periods, the influx of inquiries can overwhelm customer service teams.

We create a custom AI Concierge for your property that assists travelers 24/7 with booking and concierge services. Let your travelers communicate with you via their preferred channel be it SMS, WhatsApp, or Email. Your AI Assistant can integrate with most any system that has an API to provide an optimal experience to your guests.

Why an AI chatbot should be the gatekeeper to your customer service

As the travel industry continues to evolve, the integration of AI-powered chatbots will undoubtedly play a central role in shaping its future, making every trip not just a journey but a memorable experience. Travis offered on-demand personalized service at scale, automating 70-80% of routine queries in multiple languages. This shift not only improved customer satisfaction but also allowed human agents to focus more empathetically on complex issues. Chatbots offer an intuitive, conversational interface that simplifies the booking process, making it as easy as chatting with a friend.

This means bots can also automate upselling and cross-selling activities, further increasing sales. Travel chatbots can automate 60-70% of routine customer interactions like booking, cancellations, minor modifications and FAQs. Chatbots can facilitate reservation cancellations without hand-overs to live agents. AI-enabled chatbots can understand users’ behavior and generate cross-selling opportunities by offering them flight + hotel packages, car rental options, discounts on tours and other similar activities. They can also recommend and provide coupons for restaurants or cafes which the travel agency has deals with. No matter what time of day or where in the world the customer is, chatbots are always available, which is crucial for the travel and hospitality industry.

This way they offer not just destinations and accommodations but also unique experiences. And AI continuously monitors weather conditions and travel advisories for consumers’ convenience. This holistic approach transforms a trip into a meticulously planned, deeply personalized, and inherently secure adventure.

Additionally, you can build your own travel chatbot for free within just 10 minutes. Whenever a complex query arises, the chatbot automatically assigns a representative to engage with the customer in real-time. Your chatbot becomes a virtual travel agent, expertly curating personalized trips for your customers based on their preferences and requirements. Our Travel ChatBot utilizes state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques to offer the best travel experience for our customers. By combining Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Conversational AI technologies, the chatbot understands and responds to user inquiries efficiently and effectively.

Freshchat chatbots for travel and hospitality

Travel chatbots are your first line of support when answering your customers’ common questions. By automatically helping multiple travelers simultaneously and deflecting tickets, chatbots for customer service free up your agents to focus on the complex travel issues that require a human touch. This can boost agent productivity, increase resolution time, and allow you to serve more customers without hiring additional support agents. By leveraging these benefits, travel businesses can enhance efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

travel chatbots

Travel companies, naturally, are bullish on AI, as it supplements (and in some cases, replaces) human interaction. ChatBot will suit any industry because it is your own generative AI Large Language Model framework, designed and launched in minutes without coding, based on your resources. You’ve probably been in a situation more than once where your dream trip is approaching, and you haven’t prepared anything. It’s that moment when you’re drenched in a cold sweat and wonder if your other half is already packed and ready.

Businesses are taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning-enabled chatbots to help deliver better and more personalized support experiences to customers. Chatbots should, therefore, be a big part of your customer service travel chatbots strategy. ‍Engati offers a range of support channels, including live chat, and provides rich analytics for monitoring performance. These features cater to the specific needs of the travel industry and enhance the customer experience.

According to the survey, 37% of users prefer smart chatbots for comparing booking options or arranging travel plans, while 33% use them to make reservations at hotels or restaurants. No matter how hard people try to get through their travels without a hitch, some issues are unavoidable. Fortunately, travel chatbots can provide an easily accessible avenue of support for weary travelers to get the help they need and improve their travel experience. Engati is a chatbot and live chat platform that enables users to deploy no-code chatbots.

Businesses that invest in chatbot technology enable customers who are booking and managing their travel plans to have an easier and more convenient experience. Bots can offer instant and helpful support to customers who are looking to engage with your business. They provide great customer service and can help increase conversions by automatically upselling things like travel insurance, flight or room upgrades, and more. Travel AI chatbots work by using artificial intelligence, particularly machine learning and natural language processing, to understand and respond to user inquiries.

Top 30+ Conversational AI Platforms of 2024: Detailed Guide

These funds are utilized to launch new chatbots on different platforms, improve chatbot intent recognition capabilities, and tackle chatbot challenges with that evidently cause chatbot fails. And in case of lost baggage, chatbots can create a luggage claim from the user’s information and ticket PNR. Chatbots can also ask users questions to narrow down their options, such as “What is your budget? In this article we discuss the benefits and top 8 use cases of chatbots in the travel industry. Chatbots offer a number of unique benefits for the travel and hospitality industry.

” updates on flight schedules, or “how much does it cost to put my bicycle in the hold? At ViaTravelers, we remain committed to promoting authentic travel experiences and delivering valuable content for the entire travel industry. While our travel chatbot plays a significant role in making our information more accessible, we firmly believe it should complement – not replace – our travel blog’s human touch. Chatbots provide travelers with up-to-the-minute updates on flight statuses, gate changes, or even local events at their destination. This real-time information ensures travelers are well-informed and can make timely decisions, improving their overall travel experience.

The bots constantly learn from each customer interaction, adapting their responses and suggestions to create a service that resonates with different customer needs. The result is a higher level of personalization that improves overall satisfaction and increases customer engagement. AI-based travel chatbots serve as travel companions, offering continuous assistance, entertainment, and personalized recommendations from first greeting to farewell. In addition to helping travelers, travel bots can assist live support agents by answering common customer questions and collecting key information for agents upfront to help improve agent productivity.

It combines our experience in the travel and hospitality industry, expertise in traveling, and personalized recommendations to help you travel smarter. FCM, a global player in the travel management industry, launched its AI chatbot application named Sam which provides travel assistance at every stage of the trip. Let us take a look at some of major travel sector companies that have implemented a chatbot to level up their customer experience.

The unified Agent Workspace includes live agents, chat, and self-service options, making omnichannel customer service easy without app-switching. It’s extremely common in the travel and hospitality industries for customers to have a lot of questions before, during and after making a purchase or booking. They are relying on businesses to provide an outstanding travel experience to help them create their dream holiday, organize a work trip, or book a trip to see family. But offering agent support to cater to all these customer questions 24/7 can be a costly affair. Travel chatbots are AI-powered virtual assistants designed to assist travellers throughout their journey.

As we expand the chatbot’s abilities, we’ll continuously refine its ability to understand user intents, ensuring it becomes an indispensable resource for travelers and the travel and tourism industry worldwide. Our single biggest goal in the travel industry as creators is to help you travel smarter. We want to make the trip-planning process informative, helpful, and as straightforward as possible so you can spend more time enjoying relatable experiences that we’ve had. Our team has collectively visited over 200 countries worldwide and features unique experiences and authentic, genuine insights into how to travel smarter, further, and cost-effectively.

This is great news for every travel company looking to provide better guest experiences, reduce costs, and drive incremental revenue. Additionally, they handle inquiries related to insurance, restrictions, and essential trip details. As a result, clients have comprehensive and accurate information at their fingertips. By handling these tasks, travel chatbots streamline the customer experience.

Their chatbot’s automated FAQ answering lets customers check dates and enquire about their hotel’s facilities. Customers can also cancel their bookings through the chatbot app and find out the status of their refund. In the unfortunate event that a customer has to cancel their reservation, the chatbot can handle that too. As long as the customer has their booking reservation on hand, the bot can cancel the booking, recommend replacement bookings, and start processing a claim for a refund. A travel chatbot is an automated virtual assistant that guides customers with all the digital requirements of traveling.

  • Chatbots, especially those powered by sophisticated platforms like, are not just tools; they are partners in delivering exceptional travel experiences.
  • For example, Baleària, a maritime transportation company, used Zendesk to implement a travel chatbot to answer common customer questions and reached a 96 percent customer satisfaction (CSAT) score.
  • A survey has shown that 87 % of users would interact with a travel chatbot if it could save them time and money.
  • This can streamline the booking experience for the customer while also benefiting your bottom line.
  • When unable to fully address complex customer issues, smart chatbots automatically transfer the conversation to a live agent along with relevant context and history.

With Botsonic, you use a drag-and-drop interface to set up a chatbot that answers traveler questions—no coding is required. OTAs like Expedia and have reported over 30% higher booking conversion rates for customers who use their chatbots compared to other channels. Salesforce is the CRM market leader and Salesforce Contact Genie enables multi-channel live chat supported by AI-driven assistants. Salesforce Contact Center enables workflow automation for many branches of the CRM and especially for the customer service operations by leveraging chatbot and conversational AI technologies.

It can also answer simple questions and point customers toward helpful resources. Engati’s advanced features enable your travel chatbot to interact efficiently with customers. The chatbot understands natural language and maintains contextual conversations, making it easier for customers to communicate. Over time, the chatbot stores and analyzes data, allowing for personalized recommendations based on customer preferences. Travel chatbots can help users create personalized itineraries based on their preferences. By considering factors such as interests, budget, and available time, chatbots suggest popular attractions, restaurants, and activities at the travel destination.

This feature significantly expands market reach, offering a competitive edge. A travel chatbot is a digital assistant powered by artificial intelligence. It is designed to help travelers with various aspects of their journey, from booking flights and hotels to providing real-time travel updates and personalized recommendations.’s platform offers features like DynamicNLPTM for multilingual support, ensuring your chatbot can communicate effectively with a global audience.

IVenture Card, a renowned travel experiences provider, sought to optimize customer service efficiency. Partnering with Engati, a cutting-edge conversational AI platform, they implemented an interactive chatbot that handles 1.5 times more users than human agents. According to a research by Expedia Media Solutions, people visit an average of 38 websites while planning their trips.A travel bot can provide all the answers that travelers look for on these websites. Travel chatbot provides contextual responses to the queries of the customer. Travel chatbots facilitate instant responses, ensuring clients swiftly move from inquiry to booking.

AI-powered luggage chatbots offer real-time baggage tracking, streamlined claims, and instant updates on lost or delayed luggage. Passengers can inquire about baggage claim areas and carousels upon arrival. Then the travel chatbots efficiently create claims using traveler information and ticket details. This proactive approach ensures a hassle-free experience and simplifies luggage management. Travel bots play a critical role in managing cancellations and inquiries with precision.

Travel bot is the latest trend that companies are leveraging on to transform the travel experience digitally. Travel chatbots and visual assistants champion eco-friendly practices, educate travelers, and enhance visitor experiences while preserving cultural heritage. Advancements in natural language processing and Generative AI position chatbots to be even smarter. The future envisions bots as primary interfaces for seamless inquiries and bookings.

With access to customer data, chatbots can provide personalized recommendations, offers and conversations tailored to each traveler‘s needs and context. Freshchat enables you to create a chatbot that meets your customer’s needs and enhances the booking experience. Our unique features make it easy to create a chatbot that feels natural to your customers and will help improve the customer experience, boost your reputation, and grow your bottom line. Engati’s integration automated queries on bookings, cancellations, and travel plans, addressing 90.4% of customer questions. This solution significantly improved response times, reduced agent workload, and boosted customer engagement.

When you eliminate the language barrier and interact with a customer in their native language, customers are more likely toprefer you to your competitors. Given the possibilities to assist with travel planning efforts, travel companies see massive potential to augment and enhance consumer interactions and travel experiences through AI. The AI travel chatbot only supports English, but we anticipate adding multiple languages shortly. With this AI chatbot called ViaChat, you’ll be able to find and plan your trips smarter and faster and maintain authenticity through experiences from some of the most well-traveled people in the industry. This way, we can provide personalized recommendations faster and more efficiently.

travel chatbots

Get instant local insights and guidance for all your queries with an efficient on-the-ground travel chatbot, ensuring a seamless travel experience. Significantly reduce response times, serve your clients 24 hours a day, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and dramatically improve website user engagement and sales. MyTrip.AI not only learns the voice and tone of your company, but also understands your website, your products, your way of doing business and interacting with clients. Opodo offers a chatbot that allows passengers to add bookings, manage their existing bookings, check their flight status, check in online, and more. You can change your flight, name, and hotel, adjusting your bookings as you see fit. Ami offers relevant chats to customers who are seeking help through its messaging platform.

AI chatbot for travel planning addresses common questions promptly, guiding customers toward self-help resources. When cancellations occur, these bots efficiently process refund claims, recommend suitable alternatives, and provide detailed information about refund policies. Multilingual functionality is vital in enhancing customer satisfaction and showcases the integration and commitment towards customer satisfaction. Travel chatbots can take it further by enabling smooth transitions to human agents who speak the traveler’s native language. This guarantees that complicated queries or nuanced interactions will be resolved accurately and swiftly, fostering a more robust relationship between the travel agent and its worldwide clientele.

Chatbots excel in handling repetitive tasks such as issuing booking confirmations, sending reminders, and providing itinerary updates. This automation ensures accuracy and consistency in these routine communications, allowing your staff to dedicate more time to personalized customer service and complex problem-solving. With enhanced customer interactions and swift issue resolution, both businesses and travelers enjoy increased satisfaction and revenue. In 2022, the global chatbot market soared to USD 5,132.8 million, indicating their essential role in travel. And it’s expected to have a projected 23.3% annual growth rate from 2023 to 2030.

Throughout his career, Cem served as a tech consultant, tech buyer and tech entrepreneur. He advised businesses on their enterprise software, automation, cloud, AI / ML and other technology related decisions at McKinsey & Company and Altman Solon for more than a decade. He led technology strategy and procurement of a telco while reporting to the CEO.

Users can refine the search, compare alternatives, finalize a booking and complete payment without needing to use a website or app. Chatbots typically respond within a second compared to minutes for humans. Fast answers improve customer satisfaction as today‘s travelers expect quick resolution. Chatbots can handle millions of conversations simultaneously across multiple channels like web, mobile apps, messaging platforms.

Some airports like Lyon Airport and Frankfurt Airport use a travel bot to provide travelers with airport guides, flight status, and information about airport lounges, shops, restaurants, and more. In addition, a travel bot can keep customers up-to-date on any changes or disruptions to their travel plans, such as flight delays or cancellations. An example of an airline chatbot is an AI-powered assistant on an airline’s website or app that helps passengers check flight statuses, book tickets, receive boarding information, and access customer support. The travel chatbot immediately notifies them, providing alternative flight options and even suggesting airport lounges where they can relax while they wait. This proactive approach turns potential travel hassles into minor, manageable blips in their journey.

When a customer plans a trip, the chatbot acts as a guide through the maze of flight options and hotel choices. For instance, a couple looking to book a romantic getaway to Fiji can simply tell the chatbot their dates and preferences. The chatbot then sifts through hundreds of flights and accommodations, presenting the couple with options that match their romantic theme, budget, and desired amenities – all in a matter of seconds. We have prepared a comprehensive overview of the most common use cases of travel chatbots, complete with excellent examples, to demonstrate the immense potential these tools hold. For example, Baleària, a maritime transportation company, used Zendesk to implement a travel chatbot to answer common customer questions and reached a 96 percent customer satisfaction (CSAT) score. Botsonic offers custom ChatGPT-powered chatbots that use your company’s data to address customer queries.



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